Lesson 1.6 – Do You NEED A Website?

One of the questions that comes up pretty regularly is, “Do I need a website to make money online?”

A website or a blog can be a big part of your online income but the cool thing is, it is not an absolute necessity.

In fact, you can generate a pretty nice income from emails and an autoresponder.

While you might not want to take on the learning curve of how to create a website or how to manage one that you may get someone else to create, this is something you can always add when you’re comfortable in doing so.

It’s really never been easier to get a website up and running than it is today with all the options when it comes to hosting and the tools available.

But for now, don’t worry about it.

So, without a website, your model would look something like this.

A squeeze page (optin form) hosted by Aweber (autoresponder) that captures the person’s email address and perhaps their name.

A “welcome” follow-up message that would go out immediately upon a new optin.

Additional follow-up messages that are scheduled to go out at predetermined intervals from the prior. Each of these would deliver your content that the subscriber signed up for. Perhaps a multi-lesson series on how to do whatever it is that you are sharing with others. This tends to help foster a good relationship or to warm them up for some offer you will make to them.

Of course, they could have purchased a training course or daily quotes or devotions from you and your delivery platform is via the autoresponder, but that will be discussed in a separate article.

Each lesson would recap the previous, present the new content, and sets the stage for the next lesson that will be delivered at the pre-determined schedule (daily, weekly, etc).

Each lesson (especially if this is a free training) also presents an opportunity to promote a related product where you could earn an affiliate commission.

Toward the conclusion of your series, introduce another problem people in your niche experience. Start discussing the issue and then when your current training concludes, present an offer to help them solve that problem. This, of course, would be an affiliate product or a product of your own creation.

So, now that we have looked at the overall process on making money online without a website, let’s go back to the beginning.

I began by discussing the squeeze page. But there’s really a step before that.

You have to find a way to get visitors (traffic) to your site.

There are basically two general ways to do this. Traffic can be either free or paid.

Both of these will be discussed in separate articles, but for now, just be aware you can get traffic from free sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, forums or groups you belong to, etc. Just be sure to check out the terms of use and don’t put the link to your squeeze page (optin form) if it would violate their terms. You may ask for permission if in doubt, or take a chance and post anyway. I do NOT recommend that, especially on Facebook where the group owner could report you for spamming their group. You wouldn’t want Facebook to suspend your account. It’s just not worth it.

You could also do some guest blogging. Find a blog owner in your niche and offer to provide articles for their content in exchange for you including the link to your optin in your bio or signature.

Free traffic usually takes a little bit of time to show results. A faster method is the paid traffic option.

Solo ads, Facebook ads, and Bing ads are just a few of the paid sources of traffic. With some of these sources you could expect to pay anywhere from 30 cents to over one dollar per click.

More on this later, but paid traffic is usually faster to show results and depending on the source, can be highly targeted for your niche.

The point is… you do not need a website of your own in order to make money online.